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Renewable Energy

Solar panels and wind turbines

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Green Energy Sales

We offer a range of solar panels and renewable energy equipment, including hydro power turbines, inverters, charge controllers and deep cycle batteries.

We don't just design green energy systems and sell the equipment, we live with a renewable energy system, our home and business are off-grid using wind power and solar power.

Eirbyte can supply anything from a small 30watt photovoltaic solar panel for your boat or caravan to a complete roof-mounted solar electric PV system.

We sell solar panels and charge controllers, if you need batteries, a hydro turbine or a grid connected solar panel system give us a call on 091-442021 or use the contact form.


Eirbyte have been teaching people for over five years. Training workshops vary from one day lectures on various renewable energy systems to six day hands-on courses in building domestic wind turbines to the famous Hugh Piggott axial flux design.

We have held a number of wind turbine building workshops with Hugh Piggott and try to bring him to Ireland once a year. The workshops are very popular, see our video collection for more info. We also started and run a home built wind turbine website see

Association for the development of locally built small wind turbines for sustainable rural electrification

Workshops are held all over Ireland so if you are interested in attending a course, see our calendar of events. If you would like to host a course at your own facility, just get in touch.

Member of the Windempowerment Association for the development of locally built small wind turbines for sustainable rural electrification.

Green Web Hosting

In keeping with our interest in renewable energy Eirbyte offer green web hosting. We had to host our website somewhere and so we set up to facilitate green hosting and can now offer web space to other green minded people.

Green or eco-friendly web hosting is internet hosting that uses green technology to reduce your website's carbon footprint.

The total electric bill to operate web servers and related equipment was $7.2 billion worldwide. And it is estimated that if energy consumption with web hosting keeps rising at the current rate by 2020 the industry will be more polluting than the airline industry.